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Questions about the services associated with the product.

What is the warranty period?
The warranty depends on the legislation of each country. In general, they are 2 years in the European Union, and 1 year in the rest of the world. All warranty conditions are contained in the contract.
When the team arrives at its place of installation, how long is it take in mount it and put into operation?
If conditioning of ground works are completed, the team is ready to go as soon as you connect to the power source. For consumption of water produced it is advisable to wait to perform appropriate laboratory tests to check potability of water.
Is it possible to purchase equipment but not to hire service?
Of course, but it is not recommended, the expiration of the warranty period will not certify the efficiency of the equipment, the existence of spare, etc.
When occurs any anomaly in the operation of the computer how long take to resolve?
The warranties form part of the contract, but in general - unless unexpected breakage of any component - in less than 48 hours the team recovers 100% of its efficiency.
Is often necessary to replace the parts of equipment?
Is recommended to clean the air filter every week, although it can also be cleaned once every 15 days. This cleaning can be carried out by the user, since it is to immerse the filter in water to remove adhering particles. The water filter should be replaced every 4 to 6 months. Every 6 months, a cleaning of the interior of the equipment should be done. This process lasts one or two days; and, in addition to cleaning, there will be tests and inspections of the quality of water, of the electrical installation, the components of the equipment, etc. If engages with Rain of Life maintenance the user may worry about this; but, at the time of installation will instruct a person carry it out.
Is there any team that may be in operation?
Currently, you can visit the one located in the school of agronomists of David, Panama. Or the one we have in Spain.


Questions about the operation of the product.

How many hours can work team continuously?
The team only need to stop to perform the maintenance work. The media stop is 6 hours and is done every six months.
Is there some point at which equipment is more efficient?
The TR-1000 has a processor that analyzes, in real time, weather conditions and automatically makes the necessary adjustments to get the maximum output. Optimum performance, therefore, is permanent and is adjusted to the weather conditions.
What is the useful life of the equipment?
As any other machinery, with proper installation and proper maintenance and replacement parts and consumable items, the team has an indefinite shelf life. We commit ourselves to keep a stock of replacement to ensure that equipment can be operational for at least ten years.
What is the maximum team efficiency?
It depends on weather conditions, mainly temperature, relative humidity and dew point, but it also affects the intensity and direction of the wind, etc. When performing the assignment is delivered an engineering study that indicated water production month-to-month and which forms part of the contract and guarantee. TR-1000 team is producing, for example, more than 1300 liters/day in the school of engineers agronomists in Chiriquí, Panama.
Is the team autonomous?
Yes, in general, both the components are permanently monitored, via satellite; team alerts when there is a lack of performance on the forecasts. Just need human intervention for maintenance or troubleshooting resolution.
If not to establish contact by satellite, how would be the control?
Understanding that the question refers to the lack of mobile phone coverage, would have to negotiate the terms of that contract with the client.
The computer can be programmed to produce different amounts of water? For example in times where there is less consumption needs.
Of course, all those details will form part of the contract.
How they get real time control equipment in locations as far away as Spain and Mexico?
Thanks to the Control Center data (Data Center), which controls them and issues warnings whenever there is a mismatch on the forecasts.
Do problems faced when it comes to monitoring equipment?
The most common problem is the failure in receiving data by mistake in communication. To avoid this, is carried out a preliminary study of the location of the equipment.
Develops a waste product of the manufacturing process? Does the team produce any pollution or waste harmful to the environment?
No, not n the manufacturing process or in the operation of the equipment are produce emissions or waste harmful for the environment. Also in water of grace we are - permanently - research in order to increase the efficiency of our equipment and thus contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.
What PH does the resultant water of the process? It is directly drinkable or have to undergo any treatment?
The PH is between a 7.4 and 7.5; so it is within the potability standards.
Do you how much energy drink team per liter of water that produces? How much it cost to produce one liter of water? Do they offer some value although it is approximate?
It depends on the exact conditions of the location on your computer. The price of production depends on the electricity tariff. For computers powered by a diesel generator, we can say produced about 24 liters of water with a liter of fuel. The study of engineering shall set forth all the details.
How many liters can be stored? Are there different models?
Deposits of varying capacities, according to the needs of customer and of the conditions of production of each concrete equipment can be installed.
Do much noise produce teams? Could contravene the law of any place?
Equipment at full capacity produces __dB 1 meter, __dB 3 meters, _ dB to 10 meters... In principle, we believe that they do not contravene any Ordinance, but I would check before signing the contract.


Questions about Rain of Life

In which countries are representative, or distributor?
The headquarters is in Spain, where serving Europe, Asia, and Africa; now he is negotiating with a distributor in Italy. America is taken care of from Panama, except Mexico and Colombia which have own Distributor; now he is negotiating with a distributor in Argentina.
What is the average time of manufacture of each order?
On request, depending on the production line, we are serving on a period of 2 to 3 months.
Since when do they sell their products?
Since 2007; but 2013 has ceased to manufacture equipments of different capacities and reorganized the entire company.
What is the delivery time for the teams?
Approximately 15 working days, but the exact date and other conditions of delivery are included in the contract. We are so confident of our ability, in the event of non-compliance, we pay a penalty for each day of delay.
Currently, do you have an order in manufacturing?
We are manufacturing to deliver in Panama and Mexico.
Means used to address problems? How long does take to respond?
Can address problems of form telematics by mail, phone or the Web, what is more advisable; or in person through local distributors. The response time will be minimized.
Remote care center, where is? Many people account? Is it available every day?
Currently in Madrid, Spain and is permanently staffed by personnel to ensure service 24/365.
Rain of Life has been innovating processes and/or improving equipment?
Of course, Rain of Life has a R&D Department formed by engineers of different specialties who work constantly on improving the team as production processes. These improvements are aimed both to cheapen the price of every liter of water produced and to improve the energy efficiency of the equipment. Also research permanently in the use of renewable energy to power the equipment.
Compared to the competition, what difference a Rain of Life from other companies?
We consider which differ us three key aspects:
  • The possibility of generating industrial water.
  • Permanent, satellite, equipment control, 24/365.
  • The possibility to power the equipment with different energy sources: solar, autogenerators, wind, electric, diesel oil, etc.


Questions about prices, conditions, etc.

How many models available?
Only manufactured the model TR-1000, designed to produce 1000 liters of water a day, with weather conditions of:
  • Temperature: 24°
  • Relative humidity: 65%
  • Dew point: 11

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