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Clean water generator


The Clean Water Generator obtain water from air humidity to reproduce nature-like dew and creating the natural water cycle. Generating unsurpassed quality water, which can even be design with desired chemical composition.

It may include mineralization and chlorination systems, annexes deposits or any other device that the user would need. Our device meets all legal specifications on quality of water for human consumption.

The modular Clean Water Generator allows building clean water facilities, which can ensure production from 1000L/day in the most basic systems, to large-scale equipment capable of providing an unlimited volume of excellent quality drinking water. That would give solution to the growing problem of water scarcity and drought throughout the world.

In addition, improve water stress in certain regions, slowing down the phenomena of desertification and salinization of aquifers, decreasing the deterioration of resources of fresh water (overexploited aquifers, dry rivers, eutrophication, contamination of Organics, saline intrusion, etc.).

Currently, the team in regards to water production is fully developed and functioning. There are teams working in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, México, Venezuela and Spain (strategic regions for the army).

Novelty and uniqueness of equipment GAP is the monitoring and adjustment - patented - components, permanent and electronically, to obtain the best performance at each time. We have managed to dominate - at least partly - a system as complex as the climate. This increase in efficiency can reduce both the size of the team, and the production costs of each liter of water. We have also reduced maintenance costs because most of the settings can be done at distance.

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