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Drinking water generation technology


Atmospheric water generators are devices that condense and purify the humidity in the air.

Rain of Life equipment is an advanced way of providing water supply for drinking and cooking, without the need for major construction work and at minimal cost.

There are several methods of water purification (chlorination, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet lamps, etc.): each has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the source of the water, the quantity and quality of the water to be obtained, etc.

However, there are many sources of water that cannot be made drinkable, or whose potabilisation is so expensive that it is economically unviable.

Unfortunately, there are more and more rivers, aquifers and groundwater that have a high concentration of heavy metals, fertilisers and other polluting substances of industrial, agricultural or human origin, which make their complete purification very difficult, so that people who use these means of purification are unknowingly consuming water that is partially contaminated, putting their health and that of their loved ones at risk.

To avoid these problems, Rain of Life has developed a completely healthy system that not only makes water drinkable, but also extracts water from the humidity of the environment, recreating the process of rain and obtaining pure water of a higher quality than most of the bottled water on the market.

It is a modular technology, adaptable to any terrain or space, which ensures that anyone can have quick and cheap access to several litres of drinking water a day.

It is a very cost-effective solution that adapts to the needs of any home or business, and in places where there is considerable relative humidity and temperature it is more efficient and cost-effective than other methods of obtaining and purifying water. And much healthier.

Drinking water generation technology

Rain of Life

How do
Atmospheric Water Generators work?


Rain of Life atmospheric generators are perfectly integrated into the natural water cycle:

Water cycle

Rain of Life atmospheric water generators artificially reproduce the condensation and rain that clouds naturally produce.

For this purpose, they have mechanical compressors with refrigerant gas and heat exchangers through which the humid air is passed, whose vapour condenses as its plates and tubes are at a temperature lower than its dew point.

But condensed water, like rainwater, cannot be drunk directly, both because of the lack of mineral salts necessary for the body and because during condensation it could become contaminated with bacteria or particles contained in the air. For this reason it is necessary to make it drinkable, and the Rain of Life units have a double purification circuit that turns it into extra quality water.

The amount of water that the Rain of Life equipment can condense and purify depends on the temperature and relative humidity of the place where it is located, so at Rain of Life we carry out a study with data from nearby weather stations to regulate the parameters of the equipment to give the best performance, and thus ensure that the maximum amount of water possible is obtained.

In this way, Rain of Life guarantees a nominal production in conditions of 28 °C and 80 %RH, but the quantity that will finally be obtained could be higher or lower depending on the location or the season of the year.


Water Quality, Water Purification and Mineralisation

The management of water resources and the supply of quality drinking water is an issue of enormous importance worldwide and, thanks to technological advances, offers new solutions to traditional means. Rain of Life atmospheric water generators are an advanced way to meet this water supply for drinking and cooking purposes, even better than most bottled water



In Rain of Life, he has developed a system that extracts water from the humidity in the environment, recreating the process of rain.


Water Purifcation

The equipment performs the processes to improve the salubriousness of the water so that it is fit for consumption.



Once the water has been purified, the RoL equipment adds the right and most beneficial amount of mineral salts for the organism.