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Rain of Life is dedicated to providing technical solutions for the purification and treatment of all types of water, but preferentially designs, manufactures and markets equipment that condenses and purifies air humidity under the brand Rain of Life.

The R&D Department develops equipment and services that are tailored to the specific needs of its customers, and has signed collaboration agreements with leading universities technology (such as the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid or the Universidad de Oviedo) to be always at the forefront of at the forefront of technology and industryand to be able to offer the most advanced products on the market.

In this way, after several years of Research and Development, the commercialization of the RoL Atmospheric Water Generators .

Atmospheric-water generators

The atmospheric generators RoL , are specially oriented for the following sectors:

Rain of Life

What makes us different?

Rain of life was born with the will to help improve the conditions of Health & Wellness of the population through facilitating access to affordable drinking water (at least for drinking and cooking) and optimal quality.

The main pillars that constitute the reason for being of Rain of life They are: