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The most efficient alternative to drinking water supply


Rain Of Life atmospheric water generators represent an efficient alternative to the problem of drinking water supply in many parts of the world.

Rain of Life equipment offers an advanced way to solve part of this problem, obtaining water for drinking and cooking, without the need for large works and at a reasonable cost that allows a quick return on investment. A modular infrastructure that adapts to any terrain or space where it is to be installed, producing water at the same time, free of bacteria and contamination.

Sectoral applications

Rain Of Life Equipment is designed to offer solutions to the supply of drinking water in different scenarios. Thus, each of them offers a quantity of liters per day of water that ranges from 50 liters per day, up to 10,000. Only in this way can we adapt this solution to different populations from private homes to large companies or bottlers. Its technical characteristics respond to the detailed study of different situations in which Rain Of Life responds to the problem of quality water supply.

Technical data

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