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The atmospheric water generator RoL10.000 It is designed to supply large quantities of drinking water to small towns, temporary camps or settlements, small bottling plants, etc. It is installed inside a 20-foot maritime container that after its location on a flat surface in the open air is conditioned and covered with decorative panels, which turn it into a house with a roof of solar panels for the partial supply of energy and the collection of the rain water.

Produces 10,000 liters of drinking water per day (28 ° C and 80% RH) , enough for housing communities to have water for drinking and cooking. A bottling plant powered by a RoL10,000 could produce 20,000 daily bottles of 500 cc for tourist areas, or 500 bottles of 20 liters for homes and businesses.

It has the most advanced remote control and communication systems, energy saving and management of associated water tanks.

It is the equipment with the lowest specific consumption per liter of water generated, and it is supplied with three-phase current from the supply network or from a diesel generator. Like its younger brother RoL1.000, it is equipped with components from the best brands on the market (Siemens, Schneider, Emerson-Copeland, Pedrollo, etc.)


Rain Of Life Equipment is designed to offer solutions to the supply of drinking water in different scenarios. Thus, each of them offers a quantity of liters per day of water that ranges from 50 liters per day, up to 10,000. Only in this way can we adapt this solution to different populations from private homes to large companies or bottlers. Its technical characteristics respond to the detailed study of different situations in which Rain Of Life responds to the problem of quality water supply.


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(28 ºC and 80% RH)




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