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The danger of food bacteria in summer

Food bacteria are to blame for a large number of illnesses caused by...
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Selective focus shot of a thermometer in the beach sand with a blurred background

Heat waves and their relation to climate change

Many places suffer from high temperatures throughout the summer season. In...
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Drought: a global problem that urgently needs attention

In Spain we are facing one of the three driest hydrological years since...
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River pollution

We are aware of the water pollution problems caused by plastics that fall...
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Groundwater: the importance of its management for sustainability

The tiny fraction of fresh water that we enjoy is only a very small part...
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Reusable bottles: are they safe for health?

In recent times, the use of reusable water bottles has become massively...
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How to save water at home?: tips to improve

Currently we are all aware of the enormous problem of water scarcity. In...
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Understand water bottle labels

The fundamental information of any product that is consumed, be it food or...
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What is an ETAP?

When we talk about the management of drinking water, it is inevitable to...
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Why is chlorine used in water and how does it affect health?

Chlorination is one of the processes that are carried out to treat water...
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How does a wastewater treatment station work?

One of the bases of correct water management lies in its adequate reuse...
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Importance of drinking water in the fight against malnutrition

The drinking water it is an indispensable resource for human life. More...
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The water footprint and environmental impact

Water is one of the most important resources for the survival of living...
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Hydration and Health

We all know that when the heat hits it is very important to stay hydrated....
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Why is there so little drinking water?

Our planet is made up of three quarters of water. But, nevertheless, in...
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Washing dishes

What is the water supply system of a municipality like?

In our day to day we make use of numerous services and systems without...
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What water purification methods are there?

We already know some facts about the water problem in the world. On the...
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Taking care of water: one of # Water2me’s commitments

Taking care of water is one of the objectives of # Water2me, a United...
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The benefits of using rainwater: in search of balance

Natural resources have always been a source of inspiration for our...
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War and water. The incidence of conflicts in access to drinking water

Attacks on sanitation infrastructures are one of the main threats in areas...
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Water and Health: The Role of Drinking Water in the Fight Against Tropical Diseases

When we talk about Tropical diseases We refer to those infectious diseases...
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