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The RoL1.000 generator is ideal for supplying water to groups of homes, businesses, public bodies, schools, hospitals, etc. It is medium in size, and should also be placed outside buildings, preferably protected from sun and rain. It can also be installed on a trailer to attend emergencies or special events.

Produces 1,000 liters of drinking water per day (28 ° C and 80% RH) , enough for several families to drink and cook. Up to 3,000 children in a school or many patients in a hospital can drink a RoL1,000 daily.

It has a programmable automaton with a touch screen, an internal drinking water storage tank, a small pressurized tank for maintaining the working pressure, connections for sending water to external tanks or supplying from a rainwater tank. . It provides the water through a tap on the machine and, in addition, it can feed fountains or collective drinkers.


It consumes like an average air conditioning unit and is powered by three-phase energy. It is made entirely of marine or food grade stainless steel (316) and is equipped with components from the best brands on the market (Siemens, Schneider, Emerson-Copeland, Pedrollo, etc.). It has remote connection elements that allow its operation to be controlled. and perform part of its maintenance from a Smartphone.

Rain Of Life Equipment is designed to offer solutions to the supply of drinking water in different scenarios. Thus, each of them offers a quantity of liters per day of water that ranges from 50 liters per day, up to 10,000. Only in this way can we adapt this solution to different populations from private homes to large companies or bottlers. Its technical characteristics respond to the detailed study of different situations in which Rain Of Life responds to the problem of quality water supply.


Liters / Day Gallons / Day
(28 ºC and 80% RH)




Voltage / Phase / Frequency

Nominal Power

Magnetothermic Protection


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It is important to note that the costs of the inputs are approximate and may vary depending on the supplier.

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