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All the RoL units are prepared to connect to renewable energies and make rainwater drinkable. For that reason Rain of Life dispone de solar kits specific for atmospheric generators in which the solar panels, in addition to capturing the energy from the sun that makes the equipment work, collect the rainwater that falls on them and channel it to a tank where it is stored in perfect conditions until the generator takes it to make it drinkable and serve it.

This minimizes energy expenditure and increases the volume of water available every day.


For example, the solar kit for the generator RoL50 is basically made up of a metal structure with 4 state-of-the-art solar panels, storage batteries, a power inverter to which the machine is connected, and a 1,000-liter tank equipped with the elements to keep the water in perfect condition until is consumed.

The solar kit for the generator RoL1.000 has the same philosophy, but, logically, with a much higher energy capacity: it has 80 solar panels mounted on a metallic structure that rests on the two 20-foot maritime containers in which the set has been transported, and that once covered with decorative aluminum panels create a closed, protected and habitable space of 160 mtwo which is useful for multiple functions. It can also be equipped with water dispensers with RFID technology to control the quantities supplied.