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The solution to the lack of drinking water


Rain of Life has developed a range of solutions for the generation, purification and supply of drinking water that meets a wide range of needs.

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More than 2.1 billion people lack safe drinking water at home


Only 2% of the planet’s water is drinkable


More than 361,000 children under the age of 5 die each year from diarrhea

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Water condensation technology


There are several water purification methods (chlorination, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet lamps, etc.): each one has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the source of the water, the quantity and quality of the water to be obtained, etc.

However, there are many sources of water that cannot be made drinkable, or whose drinking water is so expensive that it is economically unviable.

Unfortunately, there are more and more rivers, aquifers and groundwater that have a high concentration of heavy metals, fertilizers, and other pollutants of industrial, agricultural or human origin, which make their complete purification very difficult, so the people who use these types of purification are finally consuming partially contaminated water without knowing it, putting their health and that of their loved ones at risk.

To avoid these problems, Rain of Life has developed a completely healthy system that not only purifies, but also extracts water from the humidity of the environment, recreating the rain process and obtaining pure water, of a quality superior to that of the largest part of the bottled waters that we find in the market.


Rain of Life is fully aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, atmospheric water generators RoL help in the achievement of several of the objectives set, such as Objective 3: Health &Wellness, or Goal 6: clean water and sanitation .

Rain of Life

Water Quality, Water Purification and Mineralisation


The management of water resources and the supply of quality drinking water is a matter of enormous importance worldwide and that, thanks to technological advances, offers new solutions to traditional means.

Rain of Life atmospheric water generators are an advanced way to satisfy the supply of this water for drinking and cooking, of a quality even superior to most bottled waters.


Rain of Life has developed a system that extracts water from the humidity in the environment, recreating the process of rain.


The unit performs the processes to improve the salubriousness of the water so that it is fit for consumption.


Once the water has been purified, the RoL equipment adds the right and most beneficial amount of mineral salts for the organism.

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Atmospheric Water Generators



It supplies 50 litres* of drinking water per day and is particularly suitable for installation in private homes and small businesses.


It supplies 100 litres* of drinking water per day and is particularly suitable for installation in private homes and small businesses.


It generates and purifies 1,000 litres* per day of top quality water and is suitable for restaurants, small hotels and offices.


Capable of supplying 10,000 litres* of drinking water per day, it is the most interesting option for large companies, government agencies, housing groups and bottling plants.

* (28 ° C and 80% RH)

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