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the RoL100 water generator is especially suitable for water production in private homes or small businesses. It is small in size, and should be placed on the wall or floor outside the home, and generally in well-ventilated places.

It produces 100 litres of drinking water per day (28 °C and 80 %RH), enough to serve a family unit for drinking and cooking. In a small or medium-sized business it provides drinking water for a staff of around 50-100 people (1-2 litres of water per person per day).

It has a control panel with touch screen and operation indicator LEDs, an internal tank for storing drinking water, a pressurised tank for maintaining working pressure. It also includes a tap and pipe to supply the water where it is needed, for example, at the kitchen sink, in a fountain, etc.

It has the energy consumption of a refrigerator, is made entirely from white-painted stainless steel and has remote connection elements that permit controlling its operation from a smartphone.


The Rain Of Life systems are designed to offer solutions for the supply of drinking water in different scenarios. Thus, each one of them offers a quantity of litres per day of water ranging from 50 litres per day to 10,000 litres per day. This is the only way we can adapt this solution to different populations, from private homes to large companies or bottling plants. Their technical characteristics respond to the detailed study of different situations in which Rain Of Life provides an answer to the problem of supplying quality water.


Litres / Day · Galons / Day
(28 ºC y 80% HR)




Voltage / Phase / Frequency

Nominal power

Magnetothermic Protection


Aditional features


It is important to note that the costs of the inputs are approximate and may vary depending on the supplier.

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