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Water Quality


The water produced by Rain of Life atmospheric generators is of optimum quality and is suitable for both drinking and cooking.

Multiple chemical and bacteriological analyses carried out in our laboratory and in laboratories in different countries certify that the water produced by the RoL equipment is free of chemical substances and pathogens that are harmful to health, and that it is generally of a higher quality than most of the bottled natural mineral waters available in supermarkets.

Rain of Life’s chemical engineers have designed a two-stage purification process specially prepared to purify both condensation water from moisture in the air and rainwater, even if the equipment is located in an area with high atmospheric pollution.

Most of the world’s water has physico-chemical and bacteriological pollutants that prevent its direct ingestion. The abundance of fertilisers used in agriculture, the over-exploitation of livestock, irregular mining, the lack of purification of urban, industrial and all types of waste water, mean that surface and underground water sources that were reliable in the past are now highly polluted.

There are various means of making water drinkable, which may or may not be suitable depending on the quality of the water at source, the economic cost one wishes to pay for it, the environmental impact it generates on the surroundings, etc.

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An additional problem occurs when the quality of the water we receive may change throughout the year, due to discharges, river floods, etc. In these cases, the previous analysis of the water sources can be misleading, leading us to use a drinking water treatment method that is not appropriate in all circumstances.

On the other hand, the organoleptic characteristics (mainly smell and taste) of many drinking waters make them uncomfortable to drink. This happens for example when they come from reverse osmosis, when drunk in low river basins or in coastal areas. To avoid the bad smell or taste of these waters, many people who receive strictly drinking water through the mains supply end up resorting to bottled water for drinking and cooking.

Water from Rain of Life atmospheric generators is a real alternative to bottled water, cheaper, more environmentally friendly and without the burden of buying and carrying heavy bottles of water every day.

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Effect of water on health


Water is a vital element for health. Our body is made up of more than 60% water and needs constant hydration, especially in hot areas.

Women need to drink at least 2 litres of water per day, and men 2.5 litres, but these amounts should be higher if physical activities that cause sweating, such as outdoor work, sport, etc., are performed.

Good hydration is essential for the proper functioning of the human body because, among other things, water generates saliva and helps metabolise nutrients from food, eliminates toxins through urine and regulates body temperature through sweating and breathing.

In addition, it has been scientifically proven that drinking enough water can delay ageing and improve diseases such as diabetes, hypoglycaemia, arthritis, dry skin and obesity.

However, according to the World Health Organisation (www.who.int) more than 2.1 billion people lack safe drinking water at home, and only 2% of the world’s water is safe to drink. It also blames the lack of access to clean water as the main culprit for the spread of diseases such as cholera, dysentery, hepatitis A and typhoid fever. In fact, according to the WHO, 361,000 children under the age of five die each year from diarrhoea.

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But even with regard to the bottled mineral waters that we can buy in supermarkets, the quality levels that we find are very different, and some chemical and bacteriological analyses have detected the presence of pathogens and contaminants in the bottles of some brands, highlighting the danger to people and the fraud that occurs on certain occasions.

Doctors and dieticians not only pay attention to the hydration capacity of water, but also consider it an essential element of the daily diet, due to its contribution of mineral salts and fundamental nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, fluoride, bicarbonate and sodium, which help to maintain the body’s natural balance.

Both water from condensation of humidity in the air and rainwater are devoid of chemicals that are harmful to health, but they are also devoid of mineral salts, so the Rain of Life teams add the right amount that is most beneficial to the body.

Rain of Life’s Medical Director and Chemical Engineers select the most appropriate mix of chemicals to add to the pure water, and can even prescribe special mixes for special geographical areas or special groups, such as a higher percentage of fluoride in schools in some disadvantaged regions.

In fact, all RoL atmospheric generators can regulate the hardness or degree of mineralisation of the water, to suit the taste and needs of the consumer.